I filmed this interview at Molly’s house in May of 2013. I remember telling her over tea and through petting her dogs that we were just going to have a conversation about why she enjoys teaching. She was a little nervous as she brushed her hair out of her face and reminisced about me sitting in her classroom just a few short years before. Naturally, Molly quickly forgot about the camera and discussed her love of teaching in the most sincere of ways.

Here is one of my favorite moments from that interview:

Chelsea: What makes a good teacher?

Molly: I think really, ultimately what makes a great teacher is just being comfortable in your own skin and being authentic. Kids remember way less about what it is that you want to teach them then they do about the feeling that is emanated in the classroom. That feeling then inspires them to go out and study on their own.

Maharishi talks about absolute love. He talks about the spontaneous outgrowth of true love which has an unconditional nature. It is not this or that, it is. It’s when you meet someone and you light up in the joy of meeting them. Not because they’re pretty or skinny or young or old or can play the piano, but because there’s a joyfulness in their presence. I think that when you teach from that level, when you teach from that level of truly seeing the whole person and truly responding to the whole person, you create an environment that is inspired for learning.