Happy fall everybody! I hope you’re all doing fantastically and taking extra good care of yourselves during the change of season. Eating healthy, going to bed early, and adequate exercise are always important, but are crucial this time of year!

I wanted to share with you this little secret, which really shouldn’t be a secret at all…so please, spread the word! The only reason I call it a secret is because I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it before. So here it is! The HEALTHY microwave! Yes…healthy!

Several years back, my parents had both their mothers and my uncle living with them. My mom and step dad would go away often for business, and out of concern for their two mothers, they had to come up with an easy way to feed them while out of town. So what my mom did (being the clever lady that she is) was experimented…but it didn’t take much experimentation at all!

She filled a large frying pan with about half an inch of water, put some leftover food in a shallow bowl, sat it in the pan, covered it, and turned it on medium heat. After about 3 minutes the water boiled, she turned the flame off, and left the bowl of food covered in the pan for another 2 minutes—this allowed the food to steam. Voilà! That was it! The food was heated and ready to be served. From then on, my parents would cook food for their mothers before going out of town, and leave it in bowls in the fridge ready for my uncle to “microwave” for them.

CAUTION: When you take the bowl of food out of the pan, be sure to use a pot holder! The bowl gets very hot.

Tonight I did the same thing! I made a macrobiotic meal earlier today, and had the left overs for dinner. So easy and yummy! Enjoy 🙂

With love,
Samantha | Your Food Fanatic