Be the Light

The truth is always deep beneath the surface level of the words.  It is the silent, peaceful knowing that is infectious. This feeling of peace is beyond measure, beyond reason and certainly beyond words.

Many years ago the communication scholar, Marshall McLuhan, famously coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” In other words, McLuhan understood “medium” in the broadest sense. He used the example of the light bulb to describe his theory. A light bulb does not have content in the way that a newspaper has articles or a television has programs, yet it is a medium that has a profound effect on the environment. A light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence.

Similar to the light bulb, the life of every individual in their every thought, word and action influences the entire field of the cosmos. Therefore, someone with peace at heart naturally vibrates peace and harmony to influence the whole universe.

Molly Beauregard

The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

June 2015 Book of the Month

Presented as a classical dialogue between a young man and a wise elder, cosmologist Brian Swimme’s unique book, The Universe is a Green Dragon encourages readers of all ages to engage their imaginations when considering traditional models of scientific understanding. Reminding readers that curiosity, mystery and inspiration remain the underpinning of science, Swimme unfolds big ideas in bite size pieces of a larger narrative.

Swimme connects the human experience to cosmic reality both through scientific evidence and mystical thought. Integrating science and mysticism grounds his story in both inspiration and possibility. Importantly, Swimme empowers the reader to reimagine the role of personal existence and the expansion of the universe. According to Swimme, the awakening of the earth has a direct relationship to the growth and expansion of the human mind. “The Earth awakens through the human mind. You have to understand this from two different points of view. We have a humanity that awakens to its planetary dimension, to its planetary responsibility, and thus begins to provide the earth with a heart and mind. From the other perspective, we can see how the planet as a whole awakens through self-reflexive mind, which happens to unfurl through humanity (34-35).”

The Universe is a Green Dragon is a little book filled with BIG ideas. If you’re looking for a love story this summer, this book might be for you. While it’s not a traditional beach book, it certainly offers romance of the most cosmic kind!

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