I’m a dreamer. I have a huge imagination and a tendency to idealize the way things should be. But sometimes these high ideals cause me to become impatient because I’m not always able to get to where I want to be fast enough. ‘Start small, think big’ is an aphorism I’ve found comfort in reminding myself over the years, and one I’ve largely benefited from.

I’ve been blogging continuously for about 14 months now, and around the time of my initial blog launch anniversary in October, I realized it was time for a serious blog makeover. I took the best parts of my old blog and transformed it into something bigger and better—Sustainalizer. This transformation made me realize just how far I’d come in a relatively short period of time; that I started on a small scale and now my work is undoubtedly expanding in a positive way.

Sustainalizer is a grassroots hub for socially and environmentally conscious information. It is dedicated to creating a sustainable, just and peaceful world for all beings, by educating people on the most important issues today given humanity’s fragile economic, ecological, and social state. Sustainalizer advocates and shares information on taking action for change, progressive news, healthy recipes and restaurant reviews, self-help and alternative healing.

Start small, think big has been a wonderful affirmation for me; always reminding me that starting on a small scale is not a bad thing. After all, that is what sustainability is all about—building a strong, sustainable foundation so that the future is not compromised by a faulty infrastructure. With enough hard work and persistence, we will all end up where we want to be!

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With love and light,
Samantha | (Normally) Your Food Fanatic