I have been seeing quite a few posts about meditating for peace lately. Several of them encourage meditating this weekend with the hopes of influencing a positive outcome for our national elections. Frankly, I think it is a good idea.

Neurology has confirmed that the individual human brain is actually hard wired to influence other people within our social circle. In fact, there is a body of scientific evidence that personal thoughts have an infectious nature. Karl Mannheim, the father of the sociology of knowledge, wrote about his sense of this phenomenon in his famous book, Ideology and Utopia. It was his belief that the social emergence of collective thoughts are a reproduction of feelings, understandings and perceptions of individuals living together in society. The ultimate chicken and egg puzzle – historical knowledge conditioned by groups of people living together and social change instigated by conscious beings becoming aware of the power of their thoughts.

It seems logical to me that thinking that comes from a nourished, calm mind will be more positively impactful than thinking that comes from an anxiety riddled mind. Recent research has repeatedly offered evidence that a meditation practice enhances areas of the brain involved in perception and the regulation of emotion.

Thinking is, simply put, a means to both individual and collective evolution. This is why a meditation practice is so imperative. It influences both the personal and the collective. Spending time in silence allows one to transcend the daily input of distractions, noise and stress. The repeated action of sitting in silence incrementally builds more and more purity of thought. Thoughts that bubble up out of an exploration of inner knowing are more likely to be connected to the finest level of feeling.

If my experience of twenty-five years of daily meditation offers one truth, it is this: All you will find at the basis of yourself is a well-spring of love.

Love as an undercurrent to thinking has just got to be good for the environment!

My advice for this weekend – sit, meditate, vote!

~ Molly Beauregard