I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in Media and Communications and minoring in Business. I go to a unique school in Fairfield, Iowa focusing on integrating the practice of Transcendental Meditation into our daily routine. For the past few years I have lived here, I have modeled for a friend who owned an eBay vintage clothing store. A few months after I started my freshman year of college, she announced she was selling the business and would teach the ropes to whoever bought it. My friend Chamolie and I were immediately inspired by the potential of this project and ended up buying the company in October of 2010.

Owning a start up business in college is a thrilling yet ambitious project to take on. Chamolie and I go vintage shopping and thrifting all over Iowa to gather clothes for our store. We do regular photo shoots where I model and Chamolie photographs, and together we style the vintage pieces with modern items to keep the look in accord with current fashion trends. We both handle customer service, financing, social media, and shipping. All of these tasks can be very fun but also time consuming with student life. This is where meditation, yoga and a healthy diet come in to play and help me stay grounded and rested.

For me, living a happy and healthy life is my first priority. Being able to transcend twice daily helps me get through the day and accomplish the many tasks I have on my plate. Also the regular practice of yoga and eating organic fresh food make me feel good enough to expand my creativity and work ethic. In my life, the most meaningful part of fashion and multimedia is the artistic direction involved. Fashion is wearable art—a way to display my creativity through color palates and textiles. From modeling and styling, to photography, writing, and filmmaking, I live for art. In order to achieve my goals, I feel living a healthy life with a spiritual grounding is essential for the expansion and sustainability of my creativity.

Check out our website www.arthousevintage.com to see what we are all about! Also check out what inspires us by reading our blog; http://arthousevintage.tumblr.com/


Grace Hartnett
Media & Communications student, Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, IA