In sixth grade, my daughter, Camille, made a papier-mâché  “Ellacambit”. For those of you who are wondering, an “Ellacambit” is an elephant/rabbit combo forged together with the help of a little bit of Cami ingenuity. I gotta admit, he was a pretty fabulous creature. He joyfully graced our kitchen table for quite a while. We eventually “lost” him to an encroaching mold infection.  We mourn him still. 

The job of the artist is making tangible the inner workings of the imagination. The Greeks refer to this process of bringing something into existence as aition. Creation is not just about making something happen, it is a matter of letting something come forth and setting it free. Acts of creativity capitalize on the process of making the invisible visible.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wrote about normal human perception as containing the values of all levels of knowing – from the gross, surface level to the abstract, absolute value. His motivation for bringing meditation to the West was to restore this visionary seeing/knowing to individuals across the world. He taught that it was stress that blocked an individuals’ ability to utilize the fullness of normal perception. By releasing stress, individuals would regain a normality of perception – and this would open the gateway to enlightenment. 

Consciousness based education brings the inner and outer – subjective and objective – worlds closer together. When we are able to see beyond the gross level, we are able to connect with the pulsing urges that exist beneath the surface of known reality. This is where all the ideas live. Unencumbered by the weight of our stress, we can dive deep into this bubbling pool of creativity.

I like to imagine that this is the land where the Ellacambit’s roam free!


(Photo: Elacambit’s distant cousin – Beacamgon!)