The essence of everything we do in life is based purely on a series of relationships. Without creating connections between objects or experiences, nothing would have meaning. There wouldn’t be anything to base a comparison to. Whether it is a conscious decision or an intuitive piece of one’s subconscious, relationships are developed in order to create order within reality.

Organizing my thoughts through a series of lists and groupings create balance not only in my personal life but also through my creative practice. My thought process is mathematical and rational. I like routines. I get up each morning and make my bed as soon as I get out of it. I brush my teeth before I brush my hair. I take the same set of routes to get to my destination.

I make folders on my desktop for everything. I have folders within folders. My trash bin is always empty. I compulsively save my documents and make many versions. Everything I do is color-coded. I always begin my work by using my hands and physical materials. I write the date on all of my notes. I use the same pen to write in my notebook. In shortest terms, I am a creature of habit.

Organizing my life into a series of routines is how I can begin to assess my actions. Each action is a reaction of the other. Without one, the other will be thrown off. Without a sense of organization, it would be impossible to understand chaos. These relationships create my reality. The breakdown of my actions give an insight into the way my brain processes information.

For me, it is logical to break tasks and experiences into pieces to better comprehend the outcome. Making relationships with people is a pathway into expanding one’s thought process. Learning through others and realizing flaws within systems help me further develop my own process. While some may see thrill in the unknown, I find comfort in using rational thought to comprehend various possibilities. Relationships are the basis of reality because without them, there would be no means of communication or education. Life would be meaningless.

Jennifer Barrett
Student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI