March 2016 Book of the Month – Island by Aldous Huxley

Dean —

Well, how ’bout this — a long overdue thank you note for the book.  I am currently right smack dab in the middle of Island.  I’ve got to tell you with every turn of the page, I understand more and more why you offered it to me.  And, I wonder how is it, I missed this one?!?!?!  While I am entranced by Will’s story, the legacy of Dr. MacPhail’s teaching and the exploration of Buddhist philosophy, my favorite part of the book is definitely the birds yelling “Attention, Attention!” Makes me smile every time they do it.  We are going to make it a book club read for Tuning the Student Mind.

Hope your semester is going well.  I miss seeing you on Mondays.  It’s funny — just when I feel the group has reached perfect cohesion the semester is over.  I come to class at the beginning of the next semester riding that high and my new students look at me like I am crazy.  This semesters group is learning to meditate on Sunday.  Lend us your brain 🙂 — come meditate some Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening — would truly love to see you.

Again, thank you for the most thoughtful gift.  I will cherish the sentiment as much as the gift always —

Much love,