I recently unearthed a video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speaking in 1972. It is a sweet video of the giggling guru explaining why he came out of the Himalayas to teach meditation. “Teaching is a natural profession”, he explains, “Anyone with real knowledge can not rest until that knowledge has been shared! I could no longer rest in the Himalayas.”

A few weeks ago my Foundation, Tuning the Student Mind, had the honor of sponsoring 20 students and 8 teachers to learn Primordial Sound Meditation. During the final morning of the course, we explained to the children that it was important that their mantras’ be kept private. Mantras are precious and personal seeds meant to enliven consciousness. It is thought that keeping them private maintains their purity. Upon hearing this instruction one of the young boys got big crocodile tears in his eyes and raised his hand, “Miss Molly”, he exclaimed, “I already shared my word with my mom. But . . . she’s really really nice!  And, she needs the help too.”  New knowledge just aches to be shared. Ah, the sweet innocence of love – it flows where it must.

Molly Beauregard