I’m on a journey through the ongoing experience that is existence, trying my best to make it an enjoyable one. For me this means making art, being creative, its something I’ve always felt I must do. I’m an illustrator at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I want to create, that’s all, and to do this I need to scavenge my mind for every chunk of creativity floating around in my brain. I want my art to affect people. I want some kind of reaction. I want my art to make peoples eyes melt in the best way. I want brain implosions. When someone looks at my art I can only hope that the very sight of the work jolts their spirit from their body sending it on a course filled with rainbows and mystical beasts, where it eventually transcends into never never land. It’s a tiny amusement park ride filled with joy and terror. Its Where’s Waldo on acid in a parallel universe. Its Mickey Mouse trapped in the fifth dimension. It’s a wormhole inhaling you and spitting you out with a transcended state of consciousness. It’s the other side of a black hole, and it sure is beautiful.

I don’t know, that doesn’t really make any sense but that’s the goal, brain implosions and stuff. I’m not there yet though, I’m far from it, but everyday I feel myself getting closer as my peers and I exercise our creative minds. It’s not always easy to be creative though, especially when the toll of schoolwork is overwhelming and the stress of everyday life is bearing down on you. Often I find myself in some sort of weird haze, where my body is functioning without my mind. No one wants to sleepwalk through life. We need to be alert, to be ready for the world! Not walking in circles, worrying. Stress is something every human being deals with, some much more than others but we find a way to work through it. At the end of most semesters I find myself exhausted but I never lose that excitement of creating something special. That’s why I keep on going, because society tells me I have to do something with my life so why not make that something I love, everybody wants happiness.

We need to enjoy our existence, we need to find a way to be happy, to eliminate the stress trying to conquer our souls. Or at least find a way to deal with it. Everyone one should find something that makes them happy and hold onto it tight. Earth is a frightening planet and humans are a frightening species. We often forget that both are beautiful as well. I guess I’m just trying to say we should try our hardest to not let the world get us down. Find a way to deal with the stress of life the best you can, whether it’s through meditation or something else.  My mind should be an ocean of ideas not a desert. I find the ocean is fullest when my mind is clear, makes sense I guess. So I’ll continue making art and maybe if I’m lucky I can find a way to be successful at it. If not I can always head out into the woods, befriend all the forest creatures, and live out my days riding through the wilderness on a gigantic elk. But either way I’m going to try my hardest to stay happy and stay inspired, as we all should.

Keith Lebeau
Illustration student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI