You’ve seen these two articles circulating social media. You know, this one and then in response, this one.

Here’s my million dollar question: Are we really fighting a generation war? As someone who has been deeply interested in education and often inspired by the ever-changing educational paradigm, in my opinion, the dynamic of both articles is a step in the wrong direction. That is, if the right direction is toward creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for young people to help them transition into happy and healthy adults.

I have spent the last three years talking, blogging and filming about the importance of bridging the gap between my generation and the one before me. Bridging this gap is an authentic teaching method. It comes down to this, you have to like the people you teach if you want them to learn anything. And people generally don’t learn much from people they don’t like.

So back to the questions at hand, what spurs this generational fight? Did Wait But Why further separate us from our older generation by naming us GYPSYs and did Adam Weinstein further separate our older generation from us by telling them to “Go fuck yourselves”?

I’ll add that there were things from BOTH articles that resonated deeply with me.

I happen to think it’s an important time for all of this to surface. And although I would love to break down my thoughts and lay them out now, the reason I started Tuning the Student Mind is to breed meaningful discussion among college students. Therefore I want you all to weigh in first. Millenials, GYPSYs, Baby Boomers, G.I.’s and everyone alike, how do these articles relate to you?

How are you bridging the generation gap?

Please comment below, or if you feel compelled to write a blog post about it, please submit to

With love and respect,