It’s interesting how the world works, isn’t it?

When I was younger, I remember being mesmerized by magicians. Trying to figure out how I was being fooled right before my eyes was a game to me. I wanted to master this art of “tricking” people. Magic felt make-believe.

Now that I am older, I realize magic does not only lay in the hands of a magician but also in the perspective you chose to identify with. The soft breeze in the air outside that makes the branches dance, the old man laughing at the comics in the newspaper alone in the diner, the happiness that fills the air with the sound of children’s laughter are all emotions that we as humans resonate with. Magic is real. Magic is simply your fears turned into faith and each moment that we feel love and gratitude.

For so long, I deprived myself of this love. I deprived myself so much that I stopped eating, I checked out of relationships, and I crawled into a ball of jealousy and judgement. I realize now with great awareness that the reason I gave up on love was that I simply couldn’t see the magic. Like I said, it was all make-believe.

Through my recent experiences I have grown in compassion for myself. Having compassion for myself allows me to see that my actions were motivated by raw vulnerability and a confused identity.  Now that I have grown up, I have decided to look for the magician within.  It is my goal to create magic without any manipulations. I have forgiven myself for my own naivety.  By opening my heart to the love I am deserving of, I am able to open my arms for those who still feel tricked.

Your greatest strength is love. Your strongest power is magic.  You hold the key to all things good in this world.

~ Cami