This past Monday was one of my best friend’s birthday. He wanted to celebrate by having a dinner party at his apartment with an intimate group of friends, so I offered to cook. I ended up making angel hair pasta with local basil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese with vodka sauce. Looking back now I actually would have substituted the vodka sauce with simply olive oil, salt and pepper. Well, we live and we learn—I’ll have to try that next time! My original recipe is below, but feel free to improvise with whatever kind of sauce you’d like!

Serves 6-8

1 box angel hair pasta
A small container/bag of sun-dried tomatoes (aprx 10-15)
4 pieces of fresh garlic
Fresh basil
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Newman’s Own Vodka Sauce
Sea salt
Goat cheese

  • Boil a large pot of water. Once boiled, put in your pasta and add a tablespoon of olive oil to the water.
  • While your pasta is cooking, mince your garlic, cut sun-dried tomatoes in 1/2’s or 1/3’s, and wash and cut basil to your desired size. Set these ingredients aside.
  • Strain your pasta, rinse in cold water.
  • Sauté your minced garlic with olive oil on medium heat in a large pot (could be the pot you cooked your pasta in.) After about 2 minutes, add in the pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, and a pinch or two of salt. Mix everything together.
  • Add desired amount of vodka sauce, olive oil, or both (if I could go back I would have just used olive oil, salt, and pepper!) Be sure to add some salt if you are using olive oil as the “sauce.” Be careful not to over salt!
  • Mix in your fresh basil.
  • Finally, add in small pieces of goat cheese, and serve!

*This dish is complimented well with an Italian Chardonnay or Prosecco. If a first course is desired, serve with a simple salad.
Buon Appetito!
With love,
Samantha | Food Fanatic