As a metro Detroiter, I’ve been going to the auto show for some years now. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to illustrate the auto show poster. The theme is celebrating 25 years so I decided to capture something that has been constant with this event all of the years it has been in existence: the logo. I captured the logo as a woman, using the modern colors of the logo to create a piece that wasn’t necessarily about one specific car, but the event as a whole.  I used the techniques I’ve learned from my fashion illustration courses that have shaped my own love for illustrating models and haute couture. With this in mind, I created this piece as a symbol to show the glamour and beauty of the North American Auto Show.

Emily’s Tuning the Student Mind statement:

“I took Conscious, Creativity, and Identity because I read the description and it said we’d be meditating and I said, “Sweet! Basically sleeping, definitely taking that.” I was so wrong. Not only was the course content so completely informative on the topic of sociology, but the opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation from a professional practitioner was so amazing. TM completely changed my life and provided me with a deep calmness and confidence I had never experienced. I am a deeply religious person and even my prayer time was strengthened as I felt I could connect on a much stronger level with my Creator because of the descending meditation techniques I was taught. The point is, once you learn and if you allow it, TM can completely transform your life for the better. I dare you to try.”

Emily Daugherty