Tuning the Student Mind

  • Tash’s Book

      First up in the #ttsmgrad series, Natasha Guimond shows the mockup of her first book, Nellie Knows, an educational children’s book based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Be sure to check Tash out on her website (which is pretty stellar if I do say so myself) and social media profiles. www.natashaguimond.com @nguimond  

  • Angie Foster | Cutting Room Floor

    One of our favorite past times is catching up with old friends.  Angie Foster is a 2013 graduate of the Tuning the Student Mind program at the College for Creative Studies. She now lives and works in NYC.  Take it away Angie:   I moved to Brooklyn from Detroit last August. So far it has been adventurous, sweaty, lovely, hilarious, intimidating, ambitious, and perfectly imperfect in every way. I never know what I am going to see or do, but I just feel this pull that I am moving in the right direction. Within a few months of random freelance work when I moved here, I got my foot in the door of Pentagram, pretty much my dream job. A two-week freelance gig turned into a 9 month freelance-turned-internship with some great people and…

  • What Makes a Good Teacher

    I filmed this interview at Molly’s house in May of 2013. I remember telling her over tea and through petting her dogs that we were just going to have a conversation about why she enjoys teaching. She was a little nervous as she brushed her hair out of her face and reminisced about me sitting in her classroom just a few short years before. Naturally, Molly quickly forgot about the camera and discussed her love of teaching in the most sincere of ways. Here is one of my favorite moments from that interview: Chelsea: What makes a good teacher? Molly: I think really, ultimately what makes a great teacher is just being comfortable in your own skin and being authentic. Kids remember way less about what it is that you want to teach them then…

  • Introducing the Cutting Room Floor

    A common discussion among filmmakers is the ratio between the total duration of footage created for possible use in a project and that which actually appears in its final cut. This is known as the “shooting ratio”. Truth is, sometimes the best stuff ends up getting cut – random jokes, funny accidents, things that are just too intimate to share with a large audience… We thought it might be fun to share some “lost” conversations from our transcripts. So, we’ve created a whole new blog category, “Cutting Room Floor”. We hope you love reading them as much as we loathed cutting them from the Tuning the Student Mind film!