It’s US Constitution Day! Watch this

CCS student Andrew Stafanik gives a glimpse inside the American Occupy Movement and its unwritten future and potential. This video was finished in May of 2012 and is being featured in the “Art & Activism: Performing Citizenship” event presented by the College for Creative Studies this evening.

Andrew took Molly’s class, Consciousness, Creativity and Identity in the Winter semester of 2011.

The Salty Dog

CCS student Henry Crissman rebuilds a salt firing ceramic kiln, originally destined to be thrown away, in the heart of Detroit. In this video by DanDiRito, Henry discusses bringing together the community and the arts through sustainable creativity and passion for clay.


Henry took Molly’s class, Consciousness, Creativity and Identity in 2011. Dan is currently enrolled in the class.

Henry’s Artist website:
Kiln Blog:
Video by: DanDiRito
Music by: Jeff Commissaris

Henry and Molly recently switched places in an inspiring story about teacher and student – take a look!

His Cup Overfloweth — Role Reversal | Notes from the Professor



Be Good For the Sake of Being Good

My middle daughter is going off to college tomorrow morning. I am hoping the TTSM audience will indulge my mother heart by allowing me to share a favorite story about Cami. I am confident it counts as an “educational” message.

When Cami was in sixth grade at the Sacred Heart Academy, one of her favorite teachers told her about a “sister” school in Uganda. Cami was very moved by the presentation and decided she wanted to “help out” over the summer months by raising some money to support the school. I, of course, was pleased with her enthusiasm and encouraged her to set up a lemonade stand and put some of her babysitting money toward the project. Frankly, as the summer progressed, I forgot about the school in Uganda and was just pleased to see her so committed to the lemonade selling business. She loved to be outside and could talk all day long. The set up was perfect for her. (more…)

Plastic Bottle Blues

I used to always get funny looks when I took my mason jar full of tap water out of my bag. Lately I have noticed more people saying, “Oh that’s a good idea”.

It doesn’t stop at filling the landfills and oceans with something that never decomposes. If you were to fill one quarter of a plastic water bottle with oil, you would be looking at roughly the amount used to produce that bottle. Not to mention all of the pollution that occurs from the transportation of the water bottles. Millions of resources are wasted on bottled water every single day!


What is Monsanto? Why Non-GMO Corn With Worms Is Tastier and How to Prep It for Winter

What is Monsanto?

“Monsanto is focused on agriculture and supporting farmers around the world in their mission to produce more while conserving more. We’re an agricultural company.” ~ Monsanto

So what’s wrong with this? Well, in order to “produce more”, Monsanto genetically modifies (GMO) their food. What is genetically modifying? I found a pretty unbiased article to help explain – (more…)

School Lunch! Revolutions Don’t Come Easy

“A love for humanity came over me, and watered and fertilized the fields of my inner world which had been lying fallow, and this love of humanity vented itself in a vast compassion.” – Georg Brandes

I believe that it is with compassion that we will change the paradigm of education. This is my life’s work, and no light subject for a Sustainable Sunday post, but stay with me. (more…)

Michael Pollan: From the Soil

“Visit Eating offers us an intimate connection with the soil. Food journalist Michael Pollan describes the nutrient cycle that starts and ends with dirt.”

As Michael Pollan says – “Eating connects you to the soil”. Until I moved to Colorado, I admit, I  wasn’t a huge fan of vegetables. Now, not only do I LOVE vegetables, I strive to grow my own food, know where my food comes from and what is in it. I imagine a world without Monsanto. A community driven world where the people come together and grow food for one another. For information on what Monsanto is, click here.

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