Tuning the Student Mind

Tuning the Student Mind

How can we rethink teaching practices to include and engage the whole student? What would student experience look like if we integrated silence and feeling with empirical analysis? Tuning the Student Mind is the story of one teacher’s attempt to answer these questions by creating an innovative college course that marries the spiritual and the theoretical, integrating meditation and self-reflection with more conventional academic curriculum. The book follows Molly Beauregard and her students on their intellectual and spiritual journey over the course of a semester in her class, “Consciousness, Creativity, and Identity.”

Interweaving personal stories, student writing, and Beauregard’s responses, along with recommendations for further reading and a research appendix, it makes the case for the transformative power of consciousness-centered education. Written in a warm, engaging voice that reflects Beauregard’s teaching style, Tuning the Student Mind provides an accessible, step-by-step template for other educators, while inviting readers more broadly to reconnect with the joy of learning in and beyond the classroom.

Praise for Tuning the Student Mind

“An inspiring and down-to-earth template for learning and teaching, Tuning the Student Mind makes a convincing case for consciousness-centered education. Molly Beauregard’s impassioned book, laced with inspiration and information, offers readers hope for the future.”

—Deepak Chopra, author of
Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

“This is a must read for anyone desiring a unique step-by-step template for teaching and learning beyond the classroom … Highly recommended.” — CHOICE

“This is an engaging and inspirational text. It shows how the postsecondary classroom can be an authentic place of healing and growth.”

—Jack Miller, author of
Love and Compassion: Exploring Their Role in Education

“Combining a wonderfully engaging writing style with depth and conversance with the subject matter, readers are led on the very transformative excursion that Molly’s students experience in her coursework on identity and related topics.”

—Ed Sarath, author of
Improvisation, Creativity, and Consciousness:
Jazz as Integral Template for Music, Education, and Society

“A moving teaching memoir. Beauregard’s passionate account of the power of consciousness-centered education offers hope to faculty and students interested in moving beyond the narrow confines of traditional educational templates.”

— Bob Roth, author of 
Strength in Stillness:
The Power of Transcendental Meditation